Best Baby Milk Powder in India

Although breastfeeding your kid entirely is always best, many parents may not be able to do so. For instance, food allergies or intolerances might develop in infants. Babies who are fed baby formula may experience symptoms due of the milk or soya proteins in the formula.

If breastfeeding is unavailable at the moment, formula milk might be used as a substitute. As what your baby consumes may have a direct influence on their health, especially if those formulas contain hazardous substances, choosing the proper brand can be difficult.

Toddler Feeding Guidelines, 12 Months and Up

Give breast milk, dairy milk (cow, goat, etc.), soy milk as a substitute, and more soft or semi-solid meals. Before feeding substitutes for breast milk, get medical counsel.

Typically, children begin to consume larger, more frequent meals and obtain the majority of their nourishment from sources other than milk. Infants should continue to be breastfed up to age 2 and beyond, according to WHO recommendations, although as they gain weight, their requirement for breast milk may decrease.

Your kid may no longer require formula milk after the first year since they can begin consuming cow’s milk and other alternatives more often.

The primary varieties of milk that may be administered at this point are listed below.

Cow’s Milk – Semi-skimmed milk offers less calories and a different nutritious profile in terms of vitamins and minerals.

Goat’s / Sheep’s Milk – Both have nutritional profiles that are comparable to those of cow’s milk, thus as long as it has undergone pasteurisation, it is safe to serve.

Soya Drinks & Other Milk Alternatives – Soya, oat, almond, and other vegetable-based milks can be served or utilised in cooking as a part of a healthy, balanced diet. However, they frequently do not compare to cow’s milk nutritionally. Additionally, not all brands include the same nutritional fortification.

So, here is the best baby formula milk

1. Enfagrow All MindPro

Enfagrow All MindPro

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Enfagrow launched their Enfagrow All MindPro infant formula, which is currently in high demand. Are you aware that this infant milk powder is the only milk powder in Malaysia that include the A2 beta-casein protein? A2 protein is an uncommon protein source, according to food specialists with knowledge in infant formula, that assists in digestive discomforts for the little bellies. There is now a 14-day money-back guarantee on every Enfagrow All MindPro purchase, however it expires on December 31.


  • A2 milk proteins
  • Sourced from New Zealand’s A2 cows
  • MFGM Pro
  • Experts recommended DHA level
  • No added sugar


  • Original, all-natural sourced milk protein
  • Comfortable for baby’s digestive system
  • DHA and MFGM supports cognitive development

2. Abbott Similac Gain Plus- Gold

Abbott Similac Gain Plus- Gold

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Similac Gain Plus Gold is marketed as “a bit a day keeps the doctor away.” These are the testimonials from women who use this baby milk powder to feed their children. This company is pleased to offer you their first infant milk powder, which was created using the 2′-FL, Nucleotides, and Eye-Q nutrition system. Similac Gain Plus Gold is Abott’s pride for its capacity to enhance your baby’s physical defence and brain development, with the philosophy that “strong youngsters learn quicker.”


  • 2’- FL prebiotic
  • Nucleotides
  • Lutein
  • Natural vitamin E
  • DHA


  • Nucleotides are the DNA’s building blocks, and they support a baby’s internal growth.
  • The Eye-Q nutrition system aids quick learning and total brain growth by combining lutein, vitamin E, and DHA. 

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3. Nestle Nankid Optripro HA

Nestle Nankid Optripro HA

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When your baby’s digestive tract is extremely sensitive, choosing baby milk powder might be challenging. In line with that, just like the other brands, Nestle’s Nankind Optipro HA is one of the best infant formulas in Malaysia that caters to a better baby’s tummy. Semi-hydrolyzed whey protein that has been mixed using Nestle’s special method is also less allergenic than conventional cow’s milk. Therefore, it is safe to feed this formula powder to newborns who have allergies. When we believe that’s it, the company catches us off guard by including another component in the powder, iron, which helps with anaemia.


  • DHA & ARA
  • Bifidus BL probiotics
  • 100% Partially Hydrolysed Whey protein
  • Iron minerals
  • No sucrose added


  • Easier digestion
  • Less allergenic
  • Smooth all-rounded development
  • Prevent anaemia
  • Building DNA blocks for optimal growth

4. Pediasure Optiheight Milk

Pediasure Optiheight Milk

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Pediasure Optiheight formula may give your baby the boost they need if you are concerned that they are not developing as quickly as their friends. The upgraded formula of today, which contains natural vitamin K and arginine, encourages the development of your toddlers’ bones, leading to their ideal height growth. In addition to the nutrients, your baby wouldn’t have any trouble drinking the milk because it has a vanilla taste and is available on your shelf. Who doesn’t like that, right? Your children may occasionally have trouble swallowing certain foods, but Pediasure makes sure that these issues are handled in a pleasant way.


  • Arginine
  • Natural vitamin K
  • Calcium
  • Dietary fibre and live cultures
  • Omega 3 and 6
  • Taurine and Choline


  • Increase height and weight
  • Gain 50% more calories
  • Reduces sick days
  • Boost babies appetite
  • Optimsed digestion and nutrients absorption

5. Aptamil Infant Formula with GOS & FOS

Aptamil Infant Formula with GOS & FOS

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Danone Nutricia’s Aptamil Infant Formula comes with a unique blend of prebiotic GOS and FOS in a 9:1 ratio. The fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) and galactooligosaccharides (GOS), along with DHA, ARA, vitamins A, C, and D, zinc, iron, and folic acid, promote stronger immunity in your baby. The formula’s 60:40 whey casein ratio and 100% lactose are good for digestive health.
It also supports physical growth and brain and visual functions in your growing infant. The Aptamil Infant Formula with Prebiotic GOS & FOS contains essential and age-appropriate nutrients to assist in the overall growth and development of your baby.


  • Prebiotic GOS and FOS in a 9:1 ratio
  • DHA, ARA,
  • Vitamins A, C, and D, zinc, iron


  • Easily digestible
  • Sweeter in taste, making it more palatable
  • Prebiotic-plus formula


For every parent or guardian, a child’s health and well-being are of utmost importance. Milk powder is commonly suggested to replace breast milk. However, it is always a good idea to check with your family doctor for further details before making a purchase. It’s time to relax and have fun right now.

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