How To Avoid Rashes And Skin Infections In Babies

Baby’s skin is soft and still very sensitive. If it gets dirty, it must of course be gently cleaned. You may not have much problem cleaning your baby when he’s less than 3 months.

But at about 5 Months of age, when most babies start crawling, you baby can get exposed to dirty and also infection if care is not taken. While it’s good to main good hygiene for your baby, however, you should avoid excessive bathing, because the skin can soften and dry out too much, chaktty advised.

One important aspect you should be careful with is the diaper changes.

It is very important to change diapers regularly as the moisture in the diaper attracts bacteria.

You should find time to change your baby’s diaper when it soils or every 3 to 4 hours, according to sexuality.


Studies say that around their third birthday, all toddlers get dry. Before doing this, you have to do regular swaddling.

It is very important to change diapers regularly, as the moisture in the diaper attracts bacteria and can massively attack the delicate baby skin.

Rash is a common skin disease in babies, and the most sensitive part is the buttock and the genital area.

When defecating in the diaper, the diaper area should be carefully cleaned from front to back with quality wipes, not soap and water.

This path is important, as otherwise feces and bacteria could get into the anterior genital organs when wiping.

In the case of coarse soiling, we recommend using special baby wipes that are soaked with oil, alcohol and minerals.

Otherwise, you can simply clean with a washcloth that is moistened with pure water.

Parents need to be careful not to get a sore baby’s bottom. If this has already happened, an ointment containing zinc can help.

However, this should only be applied thinly because much does not help much here, but in the worst case can promote a new build-up of moisture.

It is also helpful to let the baby kick in the air once without a diaper. Even so, the diaper area can heal well.

Severe inflammation can be very painful to the baby and should always be shown to the pediatrician.

Regular swaddling with gentle cleaning products not only ensures babies are clean but also ensures their well-being.


Baby’s skin is soft and delicate, so gentle care is necessary here.

Baby’s skin is still very sensitive and therefore needs to be cleaned very gently, especially when bathing. You should use only soap and water in the first 3 months, and from there, you can start using a baby’s sponge.

Parents should generally refrain from bathing too often because this softens the baby’s skin and this can permanently lead to skin irritations.

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Constant bathing is also not necessary because babies are usually not really dirty, you can just fam your baby during summer if he’s sweating rather than bathing.

Every now and then you can of course take a bath – most babies love a nice bath.

Basically, parents have to make sure that the water is not too hot. A special thermometer helps to estimate the correct temperature.

Foaming bath products are a lot of fun for older children, but they are not needed for babies.

Here it is enough to add a few drops of olive oil to the water. The olive oil keeps the skin supple.

After bathing, the baby must be dried thoroughly, especially in the skin folds and in the diaper area, because moisture residues can stress the skin.

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