5 Real Reasons Why Young Kids Lose their Appetite for Meal Time

It’s rewarded with a one-of-a-kind of fulfillment, but it’s really not easy to be a parent. Financially challenging? Yes. Emotionally demanding? Yup. Mentally testing? Uh-huh. Physically grueling? Correct too. Actually, overall, it affects you as a being. But then again, there’s nothing more precious than seeing your kids smile and be happy. But let’s just talk about this one struggle that all parents can relate to: Having a hard time making their kids eat the food they prepare.

Well, many kids are picky-eaters to be honest. Even when they grow up, some still bring that attribute. It’s a headache for parents because, of course, kids need to eat. To remain healthy, they have to eat proper meals. It’s frustrating for parents and for guardians whenever kids start to act up in front of the dining table or when they are paying poor attention to their food. As much as you want them to enjoy the dishes you cook or buy, you cannot force them too much because it will be chaotic, especially for younger tots.

Know the problem. Figure out the target. From there, you will find out how to address and solve it. Here are 5 reasons why young kids lose their appetite for meal time.

1 – They eat junk food before meals

Kids love sweets, desserts, chocolates, chips and other food that can be considered junk food. These sorts of grubs are very attractive to youngsters because of their colors, packaging and commercial advertisements.

It will not surprise you to see kids loving them so much, however, eating a lot of these junk food before meals is one of the reasons why they lose appetite for their proper meals. Too much sweetness or savoriness of the snacks they eat can lead them to getting sated. It could also be their taste buds’ or tummies’ reaction after getting tired of eating so many flavorful noshes.

2 – They eat in huge portions prior to their meal

Just as sleeping a lot during the afternoon prevents you from sleeping early in the evening, eating in huge portions prior to their meal prevents kids from having the appetite to eat later on. That means they are still very full and satisfied from their last meal, so when it’s time for another meal, they do not feel like eating yet.

Let the kids enjoy food, but teach them control as well. They should eat just right, too, so they will not get overly full, which could make them feel sick sometimes.

3 – They don’t like the food you prepare

Accept it or not, some young kids do not have an appetite for meal time because they do not like the food you prepare. It’s possible that the food doesn’t taste good, or that it’s out of their preferences. Another likelihood is that they are already sick of the food you give them over and over again.

Make their meals more fun by cooking delicious meals. Learn new recipes you have never tried before. Explore, and be creative when preparing their food, so they will be excited.

Try baking too. Personally purchase bread flour, cake flour, flavorings, sprinkles and everything that will be needed. Customizing confections will allow you to satisfy their interests while keeping them nutritious nonetheless!

Soon, your tiny tots will have their new favorites, and they are all from the food you prepare for them!

4 – They are focused on playing or watching TV

Young kids these days have tons of distractions, that even while sitting at the dining room, their minds are present somewhere else. They lose appetite for meal time since they are focused on other things apart from food. Their attention is on playing or watching TV. Their eyes are not on their food, so they do not appreciate it and drool for it.

5 – They have health issues that need addressing

Last but the most serious of all, young kids might be losing appetite not only for meal time but for eating in general because of health issues which you have not detected yet. If you notice that your children are always hard to feed. Them being picky-eaters could be normal, but if you feel that it’s beyond that, do not hesitate to consult their physician to have them checked up.

They might be carrying health concerns affecting their appetite. These need urgent addressing, so you can help your kids be healthier now and in the future.

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Your youngsters might be losing appetite for meal time because of actual reasons that need your care and attention. Do not thoughtlessly scold them all the time because they do not eat well. Instead, speak to them if possible, and/or observe their eating habits and patterns to know if something’s wrong.

Once you detect that there’s a need for improvement in their eating methods, immediately do something to adjust and correct them. If it’s about the food you make at home, then find different ways to cook them, or find other recipes for them.

Share this article to fellow parents who have little ones who are usually hard to feed during meal time too. Help each other. Parenting is not an easy task, so you also need each other’s helping hand to make things more bearable and a success of course!



AuthorNicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. She is a daytime writer for Mauri Baking Supplies Australia, a chief supplier of bakery ingredient solutions all over New Zealand and Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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