5 Fun Tips to Be A Fun Parent (With Healthy Boundaries)

Parents always want what’s best for their kids. If you are a parent, you surely know what that means beyond words can express. There’s no one more precious and priceless to you than your own child whom you love with all your life. They are the greatest and most wonderful blessings you have ever received, and for sure, there will be nothing and nobody like them.

Being a parent has no resignation. There are no days off. It’s a lifetime commitment and pursuit. Once you become one, you already are a parent forever. These are also probably some of the many reasons why it’s not easy to become a parent. Yes, there’s fulfillment coming from becoming good parents, but reality is that it’s like the most difficult profession ever. Nothing tops it. For real. 

While you aim to be a good parent to your kiddos, you also want to be someone they can be fun, lively and carefree with! Parents are usually seen and perceived as serious and strict; there are plenty of reasons why, but generally, it’s for their kids’ sake. That’s probably why it gives children comfort and relief when they find out that their parents know how to be fun-loving and cheerful too.  

1 – Play games with your kids

Play games with your kids

You are your kids’ teachers, and you are there to help them learn and do good in life. As life is serious, you are also serious about wanting your children to grow up correctly and decently. While you aim for that, do not forget that your kids are still kids, and they will be kids only for a time, and not for a lifetime. Together with learning, let them enjoy playing too. 

Play games with your kids. Spend fun times together without any pressure and stress but only with fun and excitement. Allow them to cherish their childhood, too, and make yourself a part of that memorable picture they will carry in their heart as they become grownups. 

Parents in the modern world today often forget that spending leisure time with their youngsters is very important. Because of their business at work and other responsibilities, they fail to notice that their kids are growing old and changing in some ways too. It’s not forever that you can play silly games and laugh like no tomorrow with your pure-hearted kiddos. While you can, play with them as much as possible. 

Time flies fast. Make every second worth-remembering with your dear tots.  

2 – Find out your similar interests

Find out your similar interests

There are long years that separate your generation from your childrens’ generation. Parenting becomes challenging with this fact because as parents, you are not only feeding and grooming kids but also developing a strong loving relationship with them. Knowing who your children are, like their personalities, thoughts, ideas, emotions and everything about them, is significant. That’s how you get to understand them and live caring for them even more.

As your kids grow, keep them close to you. You may be connected to each other by heart, there are differences too. Finding out your similar interests would be a good starting line for you to become a fun parent to your laddies. This can be achieved when open and healthy communication is valued and practiced in the family. Getting to know your children deeply will help you do that. 

Figure out what you and your kids have in common, particularly the activities and hobbies you both enjoy. It would be really fantastic to bond together over those things you both find delightful and pleasant. 

As the parent, you should also try to identify and learn what your youngsters like. With that, you can understand them more and support them when needed. Even if you are not into sports or into K-pop, knowing that your kids are into them allows you to know some of the things that make them happy. 

3 – Help them build good friendships

Help them build good friendships

While you, parents, automatically have that protective nature over your kiddos, you should not hinder them from meeting people and making friends. No man is an island. Your kids need friends too. The best for them is to have friends who are good, kind and responsible and not those who can bring bad influence to your dear children. 

Your innocent kids have a lot to learn about people, about the world. They cannot start on their own alone. They need your guidance. Help them build good friendships. Begin from teaching them to be good people, so they know that the friends they must look for and be with are good too. Of course, if your youngsters are nice, it will not be difficult for other kids to see them as their potential friends as well. 

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4 – Spend time outdoors

Spend time outdoors

Undeniably, the existence of social media and various electronic gadgets today is advantageous until the way people use them becomes unhealthy. Often, at home, everyone in the family is busy using his/her own phone, laptop or playstation. Even when you are all gathered in the living room, you are alone together. It’s exhausting to see and sad to realize that you are all tied to your gadgets, and not appreciating the time your family has with each other.

Be a fun parent who cares for the health of your family’s relationship by scheduling a family bonding time regularly. Best to spend it outdoors by jogging, going for a picnic, visiting a museum, eating out or playing active games. These enable you to put your phones down and live in the moment being together.   

This is a great opportunity for you to let your kiddos forget about their video games and cartoons for a while. Make this a part of your home’s lifestyle, and you will not only have fun but you will also be so healthy!

5 – Be your child’s best friend

Be your child’s best friend

Keep in mind that you are your kids’ first favorite person in the world. Hold the crown forever. Be your child’s best friend. Be that someone they can run to anytime they are happy about something or sad about anything. 

It’s fun and relieving for kids to know that they have the most reliable person in the world wrapping their arms around their tiny bodies. And you are that reliable person! Nobody can ever love your dearest children more than you do. Let them know, feel and be sure of that. Be somebody they trust, they respect, they think of regardless if it’s a good day or a bad day. 

Parents and kids are each other’s best friends. There’s no greater fun than that.  



Make your home the most fun place that your kids would love to be in. Together with proper discipline, do not forget to be a fun parent too. Learn to have fun with your kids, and spend stress-free and pressure-free days together! Your kids’ lives do not always have to be about school, tests and grades. Having fun and enjoying life beyond school are essential as well! 

Of course, while you have fun, healthy boundaries are still observed. Respect is never forgotten and never set aside. Fun does not have to be foul. It can be fantastic and tender too!




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